The number of people testing positive for coronavirus in England is continuing to fall, according to estimates from the Office for National Statistics.

Around one in 1,700 people were infected between 25 May and 7 June, or 33,000 individuals, compared to one in 1,000 before then.

The figures are based on 20,000 tests on people in private households.

Everyone in the study was tested whether they had symptoms or not.

are thought to give a good picture of the proportion of people infected with the virus in the community – but they do not include infections in hospitals and care homes.

There are also wide margins of error around the figures because they are based on small numbers of people testing positive.

In this analysis, 19,933 people from 9,179 households carried out their own swab tests, which look for the presence of the virus.

Just 11 individuals from eight households tested positive for coronavirus, allowing statisticians make estimates for the whole population.

At the end of April, the percentage of the population in England testing positive was 0.4% – now it’s less than 0.1%, the ONS says.


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